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Activity Guide - Punch press processing
We manufacture products under thorough quality control.
"Communication through stamping." That is our company slogan.
Excellent technology, quality products, and thorough quality control: they are created by manufacturing engineers. Kodaka places emphasis on communication with each employee and attempts to get the most out of their talent to manufacture reliable products.

■Placing and receiving orders
Our original computerized ordering system has enabled us to collectively manage a high-volume production order placed by a customer from receipt of the order to shipment. Under the Material Requirements Planning(MRP) system, the instructions on the quantity and delivery date of raw material, press working, welding, and shipping inspection will be given to each subcontractor, and thus we can meet the customer's designated delivery date.

■Receiving material
Materials such as coils, standard-length sheets, and cut-length sheets are available in short delivery time. The date of purchase and quantity are decided under the MRP system and a "material label" is issued when the material is delivered to us. The label contains information such as the type of material, material thickness, material widht, weight, and how many units can be produced from one material. After checking the actual material against the label, we accept it. We use the label to identify and manage materials.

■Tandem press
In press working with a 25ton to 110ton tandem press machine, our skilled workers perform day-to-day operations with safety, productivity, and strict observance of delivery date in mind, paying particular attention to quality. Our press machines are equipped with PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation), which is a safety device intended to improve safety, workability,and productivity.

■Progressive die press
In press working with a 45ton to 300ton progressive machine, we manage dimensional precision and stably supply parts with an eye to shortening lead time, improving productivity, and reducing costs by performing semi or fully-progressive processing.

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