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Activity Guide - Design & mfg. of metal mold
KODAKA holds a discussion with the client from the initial design stage.
Quality begets splendid performance.
Our high quality dies are supported by rich experience and technical expertise. We spare no effort to achieve efficiency and reliability and manufacture quality prducts at low cost because we are convinced that our effort will be rewarded in the long run. That is, winning the customer's trust.

■Design meeting
After identifying the problems of product shape at the development stage and studying the measures to be taken, we provide the customer with solutions to shorten lead time, reduce costs, and stabilize and improve quality.

■Designing single and progressive dies
We design dies in an accurate yet expeditious manner from prototyping to mass production on the basis of our accumulated design data and long years of experience, with product precision, workability, die maintenance, production budget, etc. in mind.

■Manufacturing single and progressive dies
We manufacture dies with great precision according to the punch, die, and plate drawings prepared by the Design Section and then assemble them while adjusting each part. Metal workers having accumulated data and technical expertise add the final touches to the dies to increase the precision. Factory layout with improved workability and productivity in mind.

■Punching test
After conducting punching test on an assembled die to check the dimensions, we immediately give feedback to the Design Section on some problems with the product dimensions, workmanship, and workability. We review the design, modigy the die, and perform fine tuning. We increase the precision by repeating this process a few times to obtain a reliable product.

■Perfoming dimensional measurements
Performing dimensional measurements is the final process after the preparation of the die drawings, machining, die assembly, and punching test. Many of the products are measured with a special inspection jig. We check the measuring points and procedures at the design meeting. We will deliver your order on the designated delivery date.

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